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User Configuration & Pricing

1. Create a user

A user is the occupant of a billing point who is billed for his consumption. This may be a natural or legal person.

2. Assign the user to a billing point

After assigning a meter to a billing point, a user (consumer, occupant) is assigned to a billing point with an entry date and possibly an exit date.

For example, if we assign Mr. Blumer to the billing point "Apartment Rez Gauche" with an entry date of December 1, 2021, Mr. Blumer will be billed for the consumption of this billing point from the entry date .

3. Link a meter to a billing point

A billing point is an entity or area in which energy or water is consumed and for which a single invoice or statement is generated.

This generally concerns housing (apartment, villa), commercial space, industrial premises, a parking space, etc.

Within a building, billing points are generally defined once at the beginning and do not change again.

We then assign them to their corresponding counters.

For example, we create a billing point entitled “Ground Floor Apartment” and assign it its electric meter, its heating meter and its water meter(s).

It is therefore fundamental to assign the correct meters to the corresponding billing points to avoid subsequent billing errors.

It is possible to link a meter to an existing billing point or to directly create a new billing point.

4. Rename a counter

It is possible to read meters of type:

  • Electric energy
  • Thermal energy (hot and cold)
  • Hot water
  • Cold water

Counters are created and configured by the system installer (see INSTALLATION above).

However, it is sometimes necessary for a manager or owner to rename a meter in order to better specify its location, for example.

5. Register a move

When moving, we record an exit date.

If the period following a move is vacant, the billing point must be assigned to the owner.

When a new user arrives, we create it and assign it to the billing point with its entry date.

6. Create and assign an RFID badge to a user

RFID badges are used to identify users of charging stations and collective laundry rooms.


7. Change prices

Consumer billing rates can be modified under the Billing points > Rates tab.

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