Setting up an RCP/ZEV

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Mail to residents

The standard letter below can be used to inform and obtain the agreement of residents with a view to creating an RCP.

Rental lease clause for RCP/ZEV

Here is the clause to be inserted in the lease for the implementation of a RCP/ZEV (Swiss collective system of energy self-consumption):

By signing this lease, the tenant of the apartment subject to this lease joins and is part of an own consumption group (RCP/ZEV) in accordance with the provisions of Articles 16 to 18 of the Federal Energy Law (LEne) . As part of an RCP, the electricity produced by the building's photovoltaic panels is used directly on site by all the tenants. When the photovoltaic installation produces less electricity than the building consumes, the additional electricity is drawn from the network and purchased from the electricity supplier.

The lessor is the representative of the own consumption group (RCP/ZEV), responsible for the supply of electricity, metering and billing of tenants. The costs attributable to the tenant are as follows:

  • Costs for electricity consumed (measured by individual meters installed for each tenant)
  • Costs for management (meter reading, administration and billing)

The lessor can subcontract the management of the RCP/ZEV to a third-party service provider. In all cases, the lessor cannot be held responsible in the event of a disruption in the supply of electricity from the network (blackout) or the photovoltaic installation.

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