Getting Started – Administrative Setup

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General administrative implementation process

  1. Once the installation of the system (meters, charging stations, etc.) is completed and validated by Climkit, the electrician-installer communicates to Climkit ( ) the contact details of the owner (individual or PPE administrator) or his management and their email address.
  2. Climkit sends the latter a link to the form below to complete to collect the basic information necessary for management (choice of solutions, billing rates, bank details, etc.). The form is made up of three parts explained in the following sections of this documentation.
  3. Once the form is completed, Climkit sends the owner access to their online account as well as 3 other documents to complete:
    1. the management contract to be signed
    2. an Excel file to complete for the list of residents (consumers, tenants)
    3. A power of attorney to complete and send to the GRD so that Climkit receives the electricity bill from the RCP
  4. The owner informs his residents of the general operation by sending them the flyers made available according to the solutions. It also informs them how to obtain a badge for using charging stations or the laundry room.

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Form - 1. Contact Details