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Electric meter configuration

1.Configuration on the portal

Create the meters on the Climkit online portal ( ) and name them according to the labeling and their attribution.

For example: "3P7 - Apartment 203".

Configure the address of each counter (11, 12, etc.) according to the list of counters inserted in the app. For example :

2. Modbus addressing


Under “SET Addr”, enter the address of the meter:

  • Intro counter: 10
  • Consumer counters: 11, 12, 13, …
  • Production counters: 101, 102, 103, …

Change the password for each meter under “SET PASS” with the password indicated under “Configuration” > Gateway:


IT Ratio (Indirect SDM630MCT only)

Change the IT ratio under “CT rate” depending on the type of meter:

  • Eastron SDM630MCT V2 (with CT /5A)

Please note, the ratio can only be recorded once on these MID certified meters! CT rate = primary current of the CT divided by its secondary current (5A)(Ex: Primary current of the CT 200A, CT rate = 200/5 = 40)

3. Checking the connection

Check the connection of the meters by going to the “Configuration -> meter control” tab.

Consumer meters
  1. All counters must be “True”.
  2. All phases must have a voltage between 230V and 240V “L1V, L2V, L3V”.
  3. Consumer meters must have positive power on each phase “L1W, L2W, L3W”.
  4. For consumer meters (11, 12, 13, etc.), there must be no energy exported under “Exp”.
  5. Check the password for each meter to see if it matches the configuration.
  6. Without an energy production installation, the instantaneous powers on meter 10 must be positive. In the event of backflow, the powers are negative. Check the connection by switching off the inverters.
Production counter

The production counter must have negative powers “L1W, L2W, L3W”.

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