Add a Gateway Climkit to a site

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Add a Gateway Climkit

All Gateway Climkits are delivered pre-configured. Do not confuse with Cloud Gateways which are automatically added to the site with the addition of a router.

Here's how to associate a Gateway Climkit with a site. This can be done before or after installation and connection of the device.

  1. Log in to and open the corresponding site. If necessary, create a new site.
  2. Go to Configuration > Matériel > Gateway . Click on the “ + ” to add a new Gateway.
  3. Enter the serial number ( SN ) and the MAC address ( MAC ADDRESS ) of the gateway in the form and click Save.
    (Do not activate the "Create new gateway" parameter if the label with the serial number and MAC address is affixed to the gateway)
    Example with SN: 23180015 and MAC B8:27:EB:BA:B8:FF:

The numbers are displayed on the packaging and on the device. It is also possible to obtain them via the QR code.

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