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I/O module 4 relays 8 DI

I/O module 4 relays 8 DI

The WP8024 I/O Module comes with a 24V DC DIN rail power supply and connects to the Gateway Climkit via RS485-Modbus (like electricity meters).

It has 4 relays which can be used to control devices such as water heater, heat pump, swimming pool pump etc.

Potential-free contacts (e.g. SG-ready of the heat pump) can be connected directly to a relay on the module.

In the case of a water heater, the module relays control control relays (contactor) which themselves activate the water heater.

A three-phase water heater resistor can be connected with an independent relay per phase to allow step-by-step switching and maximize self-consumption even in the event of low photovoltaic production.

If 4 relays are not enough, it is possible to connect several modules to the Gateway.

It also has 8 digital inputs (DI) which are for example used to detect the signal from a GRD meter for terminal load shedding .

Delivered with 24V DC DIN rail power supply.

3 position switch

It is recommended to install a 3-position switch between the relay module and the device to be controlled in order to be able to manually activate the latter.


  • Top (I): Automatic controlled by the relay module and the optimization system
  • Middle (0): Forced stop
  • Low (II): Forced March

Model type: Hager SFB116

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