Online Access, RFID Badge & Charging Stations

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Additional login access for residents and users

Users can request access to the online portal at any time via this LINK in order to track their energy consumption and access their bills.

Owners can also request additional access, for example for real estate agency employees.

For security reasons, it is not recommended that several people use the same access.

RFID tags

Use of the collective laundry room or charging stations requires a personal RFID for each resident (user).

Users send their request directly to to receive an RFID badge.

In the case where the charging stations are private, the user indicates in their request the number of their place or the serial number of the terminal.

Residents can request an additional RFID badge at their own expense at any time by writing to .

In the event of loss, they notify the same address so that the lost badge is deactivated.

Installation of additional charging stations

When a resident wishes to install or use a terminal in their parking lot, they contact their owner or management company.

The latter informs Climkit which coordinates with the electrician for the installation.

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