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Gateway and communication

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The Climkit Gateway is the central communications gateway for all Climkit solutions.

The various devices are connected to the Gateway via serial bus (RS485-Modbus or MBus) or via IP network (Ethernet or WIFI).

In general, a single Gateway is sufficient per building. For large sites with several buildings and when the different electrical premises cannot be connected to each other via bus or IP network, several Gateways are installed.

1. General connection options

The main equipment that connects to the Gateway is:

  • Counters (RS485-Modbus and MBus)
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles (Ethernet or WiFi)
  • RFID readers (Ethernet)
  • Relays and other control modules (RS485-Modbus, Ethernet or WiFi)

The diagram below shows the different elements that can be connected to the Gateway Climkit.

2. Connection of the Gateway and meters

The Gateway connects to the internet via the 4G router or via a local internet connection if available.

The RS485 port allows you to directly connect RS485-Modbus electricity meters.

An RS485-MBus converter allows you to connect heating and water meters with the MBus communication protocol.

3. Cloud Gateway connection

In some cases, it is possible to do without a Gateway by installing a Teltonika TRB140 4G router and an RS485/Ethernet converter.

For the moment, this configuration is only possible for reading RS485-Modbus electricity meters.

4. Modbus/MBus TCP communication

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