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RS485-Ethernet TCP/IP converters


When Modbus electricity meters are read directly from the LAN or 4G router from the manufacturer Teltonika, a Protoss-PE11 type RS485-Ethernet converter is used.

As Modbus communication primarily passes through an IP/TCP network, we speak of ModbusTCP, unlike Modbus RTU which simply passes through an RS485 bus.

The RS485-Ethernet converter can also be connected to the Climkit gateway. It is possible to use several converters at the same time depending on the project configuration.

By default, the device comes configured and ready to use with the Climkit router.

Default setting:

Static IP address:

RS485 bus parameters:

  • Baudrate: 9600
  • Parity: None
  • DataSize: 8
  • Stop Bits: 1

If the device has been reset, it is again in DHCP mode, that is to say the router randomly assigns it a new IP address. See the router configuration to find this address.

The converter is configurable via its internal web portal accessible via its IP address directly from a browser. Login admin/admin.

Here is the default configuration used by Climkit:

Mbus via TCP

The converter can also be used to read MBus devices via an RS485-MBus converter.

The settings are the same as above except:

  • Baudrate: 2400
  • Party: EVEN
  • Protocol: None

If Modbus and MBus devices are to be read via TCP, two RS485-Ethernet converters must be used, one for Modbus and the other for MBus.

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