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RS485-Ethernet TCP/IP Converters

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Don't forget to set a static IP address to the device on the local router.

1. USR-DR302

By default the device has the static IP address

Default parameters:


Connect the device directly to your computer with the ethernet.

Change the network preferences and choose IP address like

On Mac:


On Windows:


Go to on your browser and log in with default admin/admin.

Local IP Config > Set IP Type to DHCP (or enter a custom statis IP address).


Serial Port

The baudrate for the RFID readers is 115200. The usual baudrate for Modbus meters is 9600.

Data Size: 8 bit

Parity: Eastron meters = None, Pro380 meters = Even

Stop Bits: 1 bit

Local Port Number: 502

RFID readers parameters:

  • Baud Rate : 115200
  • Data Size : 8
  • Parity : None
  • Stop Bits : 1
  • Local Port Number: 502
  • Work Mode: TCP Server

Expand Function > Enable Modbus TCP


Misc Config > Edit default username and password and save them in additionnal paramters in RFID reader on Climkit portal.


Always reboot device when prompted.

Save parameters in additional parameters of the RFID reader in

{'server_ip': '', 'server_port': 502, 'username': 'admin', 'password': 'admin'}

2. HF5111S

Connect device to router and log in with its IP address.

Set baudrate and serial parameters.

Change protocol to Modbus.

Set local port to 502 and Protocol to TCP Server

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