Getting started guide to commissioning

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Getting started guide to commissioning

A Climkit project consists of different devices (meters, charging stations, RFID badge readers, relays, etc.) installed in the electrical panel or elsewhere in the building, and connected to a central Gateway (communication gateway).

The Gateway communicates locally with the different devices and transmits the information recorded on the Climkit portal via an internet connection.

Here is the general procedure for configuring and commissioning a Climkit project.

  1. Creation of a site on the Climkit portal
    Log in to your installer account on and create a new site. If necessary, request your credentials from
  2. Add a router
    If a router is installed, it must be added to the site.
  3. Add a gateway
    As with the router, you must add the installed gateway so that it transmits the data collected to the right place.
  4. Configure counters
    Once the gateway is added to the site, the latter will automatically retrieve its portal configuration and therefore the list of meters whose data it must read and transmit.
    You must therefore add and configure the counters by specifying which gateway they are physically connected to.
  5. Add other devices
    In general, charging stations and RFID readers are commissioned by a Climkit technician. However, detailed procedures are available under Advanced Configuration.
  6. Announce technical commissioning for validation
    Once everything is installed and commissioned, notify Climkit so that we can check that everything is working correctly. We thus validate the technical implementation.
  7. Provide owner contact details
    Once the technical commissioning is complete, send Climkit the contact details of the owner or his management to organize the administrative implementation (contract, list of residents, etc.).
For any questions or assistance, write to or call +41 21 588 15 19 during office hours.

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