Washaccess - Laundry Manager

1. Connection diagram

2. Operation

The system consists of the combination of an RFID reader and a relay counter which makes it possible to measure the energy consumed while switching on or off a load (washing machine or complete washing column).

  • A user identifies himself with a badge to the RFID reader connected to the Gateway via Ethernet/IP.
  • If the badge is valid, the relay closes as soon as the badge is validated and the washing machine starts.
  • The transaction is then initiated and the counter is automatically read.
  • The user can complete the transaction by swiping again.

At this time, the meter is read again and the energy consumed during the transaction is recorded in the user's account.

Installation examples

A washing column with RFID reader fixed to the wall on the left:

Fully integrated box for one or two washing columns. Ideal to replace a traditional coin mechanism:

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