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Material and order

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1. Information to be collected on site

When planning a project with the Climkit system, there are several things to check on site before placing an order.

Here are the main ones:

  • Number and type of meters (direct or indirect if >80A) + intensity if indirect meter.
  • Number of counter plates for mounting on a T-plate if necessary
  • Internet connection available on site? If no LAN connection is available, check for good 4G LTE mobile reception or add antenna extenders to order
  • Charging station for electric vehicles? If yes how much ?
  • Laundry manager? If yes, how many washing columns?
  • Manager for charging electric bikes? If so how many controllable outlets?
See Connection diagrams for more info on each solution

2. Online account

As an installer, you can create the different installations on the Climkit platform.

Thanks to your accesses, you can configure the installed devices and check that they are working properly.

Request your online account for your business at .

3. Order the material

  1. Request an offer at , validate it and place an order.
  2. Create a new site on the online portal by clicking on the "+". Fill in the exact address of the site.
  3. The material is then delivered within 15 days.

3. Installation support

  1. Write to us at or call us at +41 21 588 15 19
  2. We advise you on the installation of the equipment.
  3. If necessary, we will send you replacement or additional equipment as soon as possible
  4. In the event of replacement, we organize the collection of the defective equipment or send it back to us by post.

4. Warranty

The equipment is guaranteed for 2 years from the date appearing on the delivery note.

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