4G router

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4G router

The 4G router is necessary when no internet connection is available in the building. It thus allows communication between devices and the Climkit online portal thanks to a cheap 4G subscription.

The router is supplied with a DIN rail support and its 24V DC power supply, a 3m remote antenna and an activated SIM card.

The device used is a Teltonika TRB140 (or equivalent).

It is also used in Cloud Gateway mode for reading electricity meters.

When the 4G signal is too weak or absent, order an antenna extension (5m or 10m) or relocate the router to an area with signal. It is not recommended to extend the antenna more than 20m.

If necessary, an IP65 outdoor antenna is provided to be installed on the facade or in an overhang.


Once started, four LEDs indicate 4G signal strength. If no signal is received, the LEDs flash. They must indicate 4G and 2 bars at least:

Configuration and commissioning

See Commissioning -> Add a Router to a Site

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