WiFi network

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WiFi network

WiFi Access Point

The ABB Terra AC charging stations supplied by Climkit communicate with the Gateway via the router via an Ethernet or WiFi connection.

WiFi is recommended in underground car parks, as it simplifies the installation of new terminals later.

In order to cover the entire surface of the car park, one or more WiFi access points (AP) are installed. The recommended coverage radius of each AP is approximately 15m

The AP provided is a TP-Link (or equivalent). It is also used in the bicycle room for connecting sockets (see EBike solution ).

Useful link: technical sheet - TP-Link EAP225 technical sheet

Cloud Controller

In order to optimize the Wi-Fi network and the connection of devices on the different access points, an Omada OC200 type controller is installed. It also allows you to generate alerts in the event of an access point failure and to report if areas are not sufficiently covered by the Wi-Fi signal.

The Omada OC200 controller is powered via POE directly on the POE ethernet switch.

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