Configuration of ABB charging station

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ABB Terra AC

  1. Open the “Terra Config” mobile application > Configure a charger
  1. Select the serial number of the terminal from the list. It is automatically detected via Bluetooth.
  2. Enter PIN > “Start from scratch” > Confirm
  3. Firmware: Download the latest version and install it on the device. Do not close the app during the process. The current indication appears on the first page.
  4. Under Connections:
    1. Enable Ethernet or Wi-Fi depending on installation:
      1. Network Name: Wi-Fi SSID
      2. Password: Wi-Fi Password
    Save top right
  5. Automatic dispensing:
    1. deactivate if charges are authorized via badge
    2. activate if the terminal is self-service
  6. OCPP Server:
    • Enable external server
    • Under Custom Server:
      • If connection via the Climkit Gateway (local OCPP server): IP address of the Gateway type: ws://
      • If connection via the OCPP remote server: ws://
    • Disable Server requires a password
    • Click on Confirm Configuration
  7. Check under Energy Management: set both limits to 16A or 32A depending on the installation and click Save
  1. Check under Input/Output: all disabled (default), then Save
  2. Check under External Cards: Enable External Cards, then Save
  3. Check Schedule: Not configured (default)
  4. Click on Confirm configuration at the bottom.
  5. Click on Done. Allow the terminal to restart and connect.

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