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EV Charging Station

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1. How to charge your electric vehicle?

  1. Plug the vehicle into the charging station in your parking lot.
  2. Place your badge on the RFID reader (top right of the terminal).
  3. The LED indicators light up: the terminal is charging the vehicle.
  4. When your vehicle is fully charged, the terminal turns off automatically.
  5. Every quarter, Climkit sends you the invoice for the use of the terminals. You can also receive the invoice via eBill or change the settings in your account for sending by email.

2. Request a badge

You can request an RFID badge at any time by writing to .

In case of loss, please indicate it at the same address so that the lost badge is deactivated.

Install a charging station in your parking space

If you wish to have a charging station installed in your parking space, please contact your owner or his management directly.

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