Meter Read Manually

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Manually read the meters

When meters are not read digitally via the Gateway Climkit or another system, the owner periodically reads these meters and inserts the reading values and date into the portal.

It is also possible to manually upload a CSV file.

Manual insertion of values

Upload a CSV file

  • Edit the CSV file according to the CSV format below depending on the meter type and add the data.
  • Pay attention to the timestamp format: YYYY-MM-DD in UTC
  • One file per meter.
  • Save the file in CSV format with the separator ,

Electric meter file format

Columns: timestamp,en_im,en_ex

en_im = energy imported (withdrawn)

en_ex = energy exported (repressed)

Thermal meter file format

Columns: timestamp,heat_energy_kwh

heat_energy_kwh = hot or cold thermal energy

Water meter file format

Columns: timestamp,vol_m3

vol_m3 = water consumption in m3

Go to Configuration > Meter Control and select the meter you want to download data for.

Click on the cloud download icon, select the csv file and click "Save".

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