Form - 3. Prices

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In this section, define the rates that will be inserted into the statements and billed to residents.

Electricity from the power grid

Electrical energy is measured in kWh.

Electric energy is billed for both electric energy meters and electric vehicle charging stations.

By default, the local distribution network manager (GRD) is selected based on the building address.

Then choose the electricity rate from the electricity network for the site or building by referring to an electricity bill from the GRD or by contacting the latter.

It is then possible to manually edit these prices. This can also be done later via the online portal.

Community - Electricity metering and groupings

In the case where a photovoltaic installation is connected to the building, the owner also defines the rate at which he wishes to resell the photovoltaic electricity consumed by residents.

Legally the solar rate must not be higher than the standard rate of the GRD, i.e. the rate that a resident would pay if they were directly supplied by the GRD).

In order to encourage resident participation and increase the rate of self-consumption, it is recommended to apply a rate 20% lower than the standard product of the local GRD.

Mobility - Charging stations for electric vehicles

Enter a rate per kWh for using the terminals. By default, the GRD rates selected above are applied for charging electric vehicles, the owner is free to edit them.

When the owner provides one or more charging stations to his tenants, he can increase the rate per kWh in his favor to amortize his investment and cover maintenance costs.

Optionally, also enter a fixed monthly rental rate to charge terminal users. For an individual terminal, it is recommended to apply a rate of CHF 30.00 to CHF 40.00 per month.


By default the simple GRD tariff is used. Possibility of entering a higher rate to amortize the installations.


By default the recommended rate of CHF 1.00 / kWh to cover both energy costs and machine depreciation is applied. The owner is free to modify it.

See Billing Rates for more information.

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