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Heating & Water Meters

1. Thermal and water meters

Thermal meters and water meters are installed directly on a pipe.

A water meter measures the flow (m3) circulating in the pipe.

A heat meter measures the flow rate as well as the inlet temperature and outlet temperature of the circuit, which it then converts into energy (kWh).

The caliber of a meter (DN) is determined by its measuring chamber and not by its connection section.

Ex. A DN20 meter has a thread on the meter of 1", which means that the fitting that is screwed onto it for the pipe is 3/4".


Counters of the same DN also have the same length.

Comparative table of DNs


Counter thread



Screw connection thread

DN 15



2.5 m3/h


DN 20



4 m3/h



1 1/4"


6.3 m3/h


DN 32

1 1/2"


10 m3/h

1 1/4"

DN 40



16 m3/h

1 1/2"

DN 50

2 1/2"


25 m3/h


In order to communicate with the Gateway Climkit, all meters must be equipped with a wired MBus communication module.

Climkit also provides meters. See standard models below. For special orders, write directly to .

2. Thermal meters for heat or cold

Integra Amtron S3U meter

  • Ultrasonic (hot and cold) battery operated (lifespan of 10 years)
  • No wear or other problems like with mechanical versions.
  • Used for apartments mainly.
  • Normally used in DN15 or DN20. Also available in DN25.

Heat models (DN15 and DN20)
  • AMTRON S3U_15_1.5_110_G3/4_BM_h – 97154
  • AMTRON S3U_20_2.5_130_G1_BM_h - 97155

Models for heat and cold (DN15 and DN20)

These meters have two indices (hot kWh and cold kWh).

They increment respectively depending on whether the temperature difference between the two probes is positive or negative.

  • AMTRON S3U_15_1.5_110_G3/4_BM_hc – 97174
  • AMTRON S3U_20_2.5_130_G1_BM_hc - 97175

Cold models (DN15 and DN20)
  • AMTRON S3U_15_1.5_110_G3/4_BM_c – 97190
  • AMTRON S3U_20_2.5_130_G1_BM_c - 97191

DN25 or higher

For DN32 or higher, take Sonic D.

The Sonic D is powered by 230V (without battery).

Generally used for boiler outlet measurement, in CAD substations and for DHW production.

Precise model to be discussed when ordering.

3. Hot (DHW) or cold (EF) water meters

The DHW and EF counters are the same.

Surface-mounted water meter (DN15 and DN20)

  • SAPPHIRE Modularis ETW 15 1.5_110_G3/4 BM – 95148
  • SAPPHIRE Modularis ETW 20 2.5_130_G1 BM – 95149

Koax water meter for flush mounting

  • SAPPHIRE Modularis MTW IE koax 1.5 BM – 95142

Accessories available: extension (if too far from the wall) and trim rosette

Example of mounting system for flush-mounted meter:

Water meter DN25 or higher

For DN25 or higher, take PMK-aquabasic

Ideal for large flow rates such as watering.

Please note 3 types depending on assembly:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical descending
  • Vertical ascending

Delivered with screw connection kit and MBus communication module.

4. MBus Converter

The MBus-RS485 converter allows you to connect MBus meters to the Gateway Climkit.

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