Inepro PRO380 meters and others

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1. Inepro PRO380 meter

Modbus addressing

  1. Navigate with the right button to "Pro-2".
  2. Hold down the right button for 3 seconds to access the menu.
  3. Under "addr", press the right button for 5 seconds to enter programming mode.
  4. Edit then confirm each digit by holding down both buttons for 3 seconds.
  5. Exit the menu by pressing the left button for 3 seconds.

IT Ratio (PRO380-CT only)

Please note: the operation below is only possible once and cannot be modified.
  1. Start the counter. For a few seconds, the message “SEt Ct” is displayed then “Ct5 0005”.
  1. Select the secondary current Ct5 (for CT/5A) in the left part of the dial, then confirm by pressing the two buttons for 3 seconds.
  2. In the right part of the dial, enter the primary current (ex. 0300 for 300A CTs) and confirm each number by pressing the two buttons for 3 seconds. Please note, it is only possible to do this once. In the event of an error, the meter must be replaced.
  3. It's good ! The IT ratio is recorded.

Video example for 300/5A CTs

2. Orno OR-WE-516 and Polier MTR80LMOD meter

Modbus addressing

It is not possible to change the Modbus primary address of this type of meter via the context menu.

The default address corresponds to the last 3 digits of the meter serial number.

It is also possible to obtain the address via the meter's context menu. The counter below has address 73.


During commissioning, it is therefore necessary to note this number with the location of the meter and enter them in the portal.

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