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FAQs for Owners

How often are residents (consumers) billed?

Quarterly or monthly (additional cost).

The first invoice may not correspond to an entire quarter. It depends on how the installation is set up.

Who are charged the management fees?

Generally, management fees are billed directly to consumers.

Who takes care of payment reminders?

When Climkit manages invoicing and collections, Climkit takes care of sending payment reminders until the third reminder.

From the second reminder, the owner is notified.

If the bills remain unpaid, the owner takes the necessary measures (collection company, power cut, etc.)

How are invoices transmitted?

Invoices are sent by post at a cost of CHF 2.- (excl. VAT) per shipment. This cost is billed to the consumer.

However, a consumer can receive their invoice free of charge by e-mail or E-bill. The procedure to follow is indicated on each invoice sent.

Nevertheless, the first invoice is systematically sent by post to confirm the resident's (consumer's) contact details.

When do I receive my statement for my installation?

Climkit statements are sent once a year, generally during the months of April and May.

When will I be paid for the resale of solar energy?

Solar energy billed and self-consumed during the year will be paid to the owner during the annual statement.

How much should I charge for solar?

See Billing Rates .

Who will pay the network supplier's electricity bill?

When Climkit manages consumer billing, the network provider's invoice is received and paid directly by Climkit (unless otherwise chosen by the owner).

The owner has previously signed a power of attorney so that this invoice is automatically sent to Climkit.

See Administrative setup .

Where can I view the distributor invoice?

The distributor's invoice is uploaded regularly to the portal and can be viewed under the "Finance" tab in the "Documents" section.

How can I monitor the financial aspect of my installation?

Under the “Finance” tab of the Climkit platform, it is possible to monitor the status of consumer invoices as well as network provider invoice payments.

What costs can be charged to the owner?

Management costs depending on the number of billing points (consumers) and Internet connection costs if provided by Climkit.

See Price of management services and the Climkit general conditions attached to the management contract.

How do I inform my tenants?

See Administrative setup

How to manage changes of tenants?

Log in to your account and make the changes yourself. In this case, be careful not to leave periods vacant.

See Online Platform .

What can I see as an owner on the Climkit app?

As an owner you can have an overall vision of the installation, know its network production and its self-consumption.

You can also view the meters assigned to you and, as you are a solar energy reseller, you also have the ability to track finances quarter by quarter.

See Online Platform .

Who updates electricity rates?

Climkit updates prices every year based on changes made by the network provider.

The owner is informed and can possibly adjust the photovoltaic electricity prices.

How does the Heating solution work for my building?

The Heating solution allows you to generate individual load statements for the building.

See Statement of building charges

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