Relay meters

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Relay meters

Relay meters are devices which are both an energy meter and a switch to activate or trigger a load.

Climkit offers two possible types depending on needs.

Eastron SDM530C

The SDM530C is a three-phase relay meter (max 100A) connected via RS485 Modbus.

It connects to the Gateway’s RS485 bus. This is the model used by default with the Washaccess solution .

Shelly 1PM

The Shelly 1PM is a single-phase relay meter (max 16A).

It is generally used to control the switching on and off of a T13 or T23 socket into which it is easily inserted.

It connects via WLAN (WIFI).

This is the model used by default with the eBike solution.

Example of connecting an annex box to a socket with LED which indicates when the relay is engaged.

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