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Solutions and documentation structure

1. Climkit solutions

Climkit offers different solutions for the energy management of a building:

  • COMMUNITY - Management of self-consumer groups and microgrids
  • HEATING - Management of building costs (heating, water, incidental costs)
  • MOBILITY - Charging stations for electric vehicles in collective parking lots
  • E-BIKE - Charging station for electric bicycles and scooters
  • WASHACCESS - Payment management for collective laundry rooms
  • OPTIMIZATION - Control of devices to optimize the PV self-consumption rate

Depending on the solutions chosen, certain equipment must be installed by an authorized installer mandated by the owner of the building.

See the general presentation of the solutions on our website

2. Structure of the documentation

Our documentation for installers consists of four categories:

  1. Getting started guide with all the elements to get started (process, order, online account etc.)
  2. Diagrams and connections : principle diagram and operation of our solutions.
  3. Equipment and installation : presentation of devices and installation instructions
  4. Configuration : configuration of devices and commissioning of installations.

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