Gateway Climkit

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Gateway Climkit

The Gateway Climkit is supplied with its 24V DC power supply on DIN rail and is connected via the + and - input on the top of the Gateway.

It is connected to the network via the Ethernet port.

The RS485 AB SG input allows you to connect electric meters and other Modbus compatible devices (RS485-Mbus converter, WP8025 8-relay module, etc.).

Gateway width: 2 DIN modules.

LED indicators

Four LEDs on the front panel indicate the status of the Gateway:

  • “Lightning” lit blue: the Gateway is correctly powered.
  • “Terrestrial globe” flashes yellow: the Gateway has booted correctly but is not connected to the internet or to the Climkit server.
  • “Earth globe” lit yellow: the Gateway has booted correctly and the internet connection is established.
  • Tx and Rx flash: the Gateway is communicating with the devices connected via RS485.

Configuration and commissioning

See Commissioning -> Add a Climkit gateway to a site

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