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EV Charging Stations

1. ABB Terra AC

Climkit supplies the ABB Terra AC 22kW terminal.

This is a model with all the functionalities of a smart terminal:

  • Max power of 22 kW
  • Connection via WiFi, ethernet or 4G
  • RFID badge reader
  • Integrated energy meter

Combined with Climkit Mobility, it offers the usual functionalities:

  • Dynamic management of charging power based on available power
  • User management via RFID badges and individual billing for consumed energy
  • Optimization of self-consumption by recharging only with your own solar energy

The terminal is available in 2 main variants:

  • Terminal with RFID reader without fixed cable
  • Terminal with RFID reader and 5m fixed cable

2. Other types of compatible terminals

Climkit is compatible with all terminals equipped with the OCPP protocol. Here is a list of models tested.

Compatible and tested models with all features (dynamic load regulation, user management and billing):

  • ABB Terra AC
  • Schneider EV Link Pro AC
  • Eaton Green Motion Home
  • Keba Serie

Other models compatible only for user management and billing:

  • Ease Home
  • Zaptec Pro

3. Installation of the terminal

A 3P+N Type A FI circuit breaker is installed for each terminal (provided by the electrician installer). There is no need to use expensive type B or EV differential circuit breakers.

The terminals are a maximum of 22 kW (32A) but can be connected in 25A, 16A and 10A.

Usually 16A is enough, as most current vehicles don't take higher currents anyway.

The terminal is connected to the computer network via Ethernet or Wifi.

The terminal can be installed on a single or double metal base (two terminals back to back).

Each ABB Terra AC terminal comes with a unique PIN code found in the box. Be careful not to lose it, it is essential for configuring the terminal.

Always refer to the terminal manufacturer's instructions.

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