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Electric Meters

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1. Direct meters (≤80A)

Eastron SDM630Modbus

Direct meters for connections below 80A.

Typically, Climkit supplies the Eastron SDM630Modbus meter, but other models with similar features and size may be delivered depending on stock availability.

Inepro PRO380-Mod

Orno OR-WE-516 and Polier MTR80LMOD

2. Indirect meters (>80A)

Eastron SDM630MCT

Inepro PRO380-Mod CT

Current transformer (TI)

Determine the type of IT according to the intensity of the connection (amperage).

The TIs clip directly onto the cable or copper bar of each phase. Pay attention to the section of the cable in relation to the diameter of the TI.

Other TIs can be ordered for specific cases with a larger diameter. Please specify when ordering.

Useful link: Eastron TI Data Sheet

3. T-shaped meter plate and DIN rail housing

For panels with GRD meter plates, it is possible to order DIN rail boxes with fixing plate.

DIN rail box on T mounting plate (H: 36cm, L: 21cm)

4. Installation

Direct counter

See meter installation manual.

Indirect meter and current transformer (TI)

Connect a CT to phase L1:

  1. Connect the S1 (white) and S2 (black) wires from the IT to the meter:

  1. Clip the TI onto the L1 cable with the arrow in the direction of the building:

  1. Check the “Cosphi / Power Factor (PF)”:
    • Start the counter
    • With the "M" button, check that the cophi is close to 1 on each phase.
  1. Check the polarity with the instantaneous powers of each phase:
    • Start the counter
    • With the "P" button, check that the instantaneous power is positive. When the inverter is switched on and there is discharge into the network, the power must be negative.
    • If the power is negative, reverse the direction of the CT or cross the S1 and S2 wires.
    • For production meters, the instantaneous power must be negative.
  2. Repeat the process for phase L2 and L3.
  3. Configure the IT ratio:
    Please note, the ratio can only be recorded once on these MID certified meters!
    On the meter, press the "E" key for 3 sec and enter the default password "1000" with the "P" and "M" keys. Validate by pressing "E" for a long time.
    Insert the IT ratio under “CT rate”. CT rate = primary current of the CT divided by its secondary current (5A) (Ex: Primary current of the CT 200A, CT rate = 200/5 = 40)

IT Connections (PRO380-CT)

See diagram on side of meter.

Connect the 3 voltage phases (UL1, UL2, UL3) to terminal blocks 10 (UL1), 12 (UL2) and 14 (UL3) as well as the neutral (UN) to terminal block N at the bottom right.

The 3 CTs (CT1, CT2, CT3) are connected to the IN and OUT terminal blocks L1, L2, and L3 at the top and bottom of the meter.


Connection of the communication bus

The meters are connected in an RS485 bus network in series on the gateway.

Connecting the bus requires careful and rigorous work. For new paintings, it is recommended to do this in the workshop.

Use a shielded U72 type cable 4 x 0.8mm2.

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