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Community - Electricity metering - RCP

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There are several methods of connecting electricity and communication meters depending on the number of consumers and buildings on a site.

1. Community – An introduction and several consumers

Installation in a group of consumers (RCP) with a single point of introduction to the network, several consumers (apartments, offices, common areas, etc.) and a photovoltaic installation.

Example: a residential building with 3 apartments and 1 meter for the common areas:

2. Single – A single consumer

Installation with 1 single point of introduction to the network, 1 single consumer and a photovoltaic installation.

According to this scheme, consumption is deducted. It is also possible to measure consumption and production.

Example of a detached villa:

3. Microgrid – A network introduction and several buildings

Installation with a single entry point, several consumers and several buildings.

This diagram should be used when the meters are located in different locations on the site and it is not possible to connect them all to the same bus network. In this case, a Gateway and an internet connection (LAN or 4G router) are installed in each building.

Example of electrical panels

Panel with 7 Climkit meters for apartments and common areas and an introductory GRD meter:

Climkit meters for apartments and common areas (table on the left) and introductory GRD meters with departure from the photovoltaic installation (table on the right):

Table with installation of Climkit meters on existing meter plates:


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