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IP Network Configuration & Routers

1. General parameters

Subnet or 4G routers

When an internet connection is locally available it is not necessery to use a 4G router with a SIM card.

But it recommanded to create a subnet to connect all the Climkit devices (gateway, RS485 Converters, EV chargers etc.).

When there is only the Climkit gateway, it is not necessary to create a subnet. It can directly be connected to the local router.

Always attribute an IP address to the subnet router that is different than the local internet router's. For example, if the local router is, then configure the subnet router such as or

Static IP address

Some devices require a static IP address in order to communicate with each other:

  • Climkit Gateway when used with EV chargers. Conventionally, its IP address ends with .10 (e.g.
  • RS485/Ethernet converter when used for RFID readers or Modbus meters.
  • Other Ethernet or Wifi device such as the Shelly Meter-relay.

See routers below for configuration.

2. Teltonika TRB140 LTE

The Teltonika TRB140 LTE is commonly used as the 4G router.

Set a static IP address

  • In a browser, connect to the router with its default IP address and credentials (default = admin/admin01).
  • In the left-hand menu, go to: Status > Network > LAN > DHCP Leases.
  • Copy the MAC address of the device for which you want to set a static IP address for.
  • Go to: Network > LAN > LAN Settings and click on the small pencil ✏️ to edit.
  • Under Add Lease, enter a name (e.g. shelly_1 or climkit_gateway) and click on Add.
  • Choose an unused IP address between and
  • Paste the MAC address of the device.
  • Click Save & Apply. The address can then be edited/deleted under Network > LAN > Static Lease.
  • Reboot the device or router for the changes to take effect.

Edit SIM card parameters

  • APN
  • PIN Code

3. TL-R470T+

The TP-Link TL-R470T+ is commonly used as a subnet router.

See manual on how to edit its parameters and set a static IP address.

Useful link : Router manual

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